Skye Book Festival 2017

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I was in Skye this year as part of the school programme at the Skye Book Festival with JoJo Gnome. I have been to this lovely island a couple of times before, but this time struck gold with the weather and was actually able to see the Cullins. The week before going to the school to visit , the pupils and I worked on a twitter story together which was amazing. I love working on these with the younger children as you can never predict where the story will go tweet to tweet. 12 tweets later we had the story of the Sad Monster.

As it turns out they are no strangers to a giant creature in Skye as it was used as a location for the BFG film recently and The Transformers Film – The Last Knight. The younger class at Macdairmid Primary P1-3 (all 12 of them) made me feel most welcome. On the Friday we finished the story and had lots of other JoJo Gnome sound fun. This included reading from JoJo Gnome and the Sound Machine, making up some dance moves and animating some monsters we had made. Have a look and enjoy!


It was really fun getting the local community to join in the fun on twitter and on the local police community twitter feed they ran a breaking news story about a child being chased by a monster on Skye.


Jo Blog 2If you have never been to the island of Skye I suggest you remedy that and make a visit sometime soon…or if you can’t make soon then wait for next year’s Skye Book festival and combine the scenery and the literary. It is a beautiful island and next year the Skye Book Festival is on again in September. It has the added bonus that if you get seasick… there is a bridge over from the mainland.

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