Podcast #20 – JoJo Gnome And The Pet

Welcome to ‘JoJo Gnome & the Pet” podcast #20 of JoJo Gnome’s Story Workshop. This podcast is all about looking after pets. In the story when JoJo Gnome has to look after a friend’s pet bug for the afternoon he finds out it’s not as easy as he first thought.  Our story starter is about choosing the right pet. We start the story and you finish the story by telling someone, writing it down or drawing a picture.

You can download the story from the player above for free or listen on Spotify of Apple Podcasts. If you enjoyed the podcast leave a review and tell your friends about is.

The podcast is ideal for ages 3-6 years and is free for teachers to use in the classroom as a resource.

JoJo Gnome’s Latest Book “JoJo Gnome & the Scarecrow” is on sale now in JoJo Gnome’s Etsy Shop (£6.99 including postage on UK mainland). A digital version of the book is available on Amazon (£3.99).


Fun Things  To Do

Jo Gnome & The Scarecrow – NEW BOOK

The new JoJo Gnome storybook will be out in March. You can buy it at All things JoJo Gnome (Etsy) for only £6.99  (free postage in the UK). Iit has 26 full colour pages with drawings. The story is about what happens when JoJo Gnome finds an old broken scarecrow in a field and helps rebuild him. It is full of fun information about sowing and growing too.  There is also the opportunity to have the book personally signed for you.

Here are a couple of the drawings from the book. Can you see the mouse?

Spring Workshops for Schools and Nurseries in Scotland

Poster for JoJo Gnome's Sow and Grow Workshop Spring 2020

Jo Hall will bring the JoJo Gnome spring ‘Sow & Grow” workshop to your school. For more information visit the spring workshop page.  There are a few dates for April and May still available.  Book soon to avoid missing out.

Reading  Rocks

In an older episode of JoJo Gnome Story Podcast #6  ‘Crafty Fun”  JoJo Gnome makes reading rocks for the pixies. If you don’t have a pet to read to like JoJo did in the story, you could make your own reading rock.

Make your own bug.

In the story JoJo Gnome looks after a pet bug…but you can grow your very own grass bug. Check out the instructions and have a go. How to grow a grassy bug.