Podcast #26 – JoJo Gnome Loves Numbers

JoJo Gnome Loves numbers

Welcome to JoJo Gnome’s Story Podcast #26. In our story JoJo Gnome Loves Numbers JoJo has fun with counting rhymes and plays a counting game with his Grandpa. There’s also a story starter based around making up a new counting game, where we start the story and you finish it. You can join in by drawing a picture or just telling the story out loud. Contact us with your drawings at jojognome@gmail.com we would love to see them.

Spring Story Workshops for schools and nurseries (delivered online)

Specially for spring & summer 2021 JoJo Gnome’s Story Workshops are being delivered online. There are two great ones to choose from ‘Sounds’ and ‘Sowing & Growing’. Great creative fun based round stories for nursery and Primary 1/2. Check out our workshop page or email Jo Hall jojognome@gmail.com for more details.

JoJo Gnome Books

Spring is the time for sowing seeds and having lots of growing fun. Enjoy JoJo Gnome and The Scarecrow story book filled with sowing and growing fun and meet Sammy Scarecrow. You can buy the book at JoJo Gnome’s Etsy Shop (£6.99) or buy the ebook on Amazon (£3.99).

SpringTime Fun Page

Check out our spring fun page with stories, colouring pages and short films for you to enjoy.